“I noticed Leah’s attention to detail in her beautiful pieces as well as in her students. She made everyone feel important.”
Marie, workshop coordinator

“I still can’t get over the volume of material that Leah covered in the workshop and I will be digesting the info for some time to come.”
Lewellyn, workshop participant

“One of the best workshops I’ve attended…Leah is a great presenter and teacher.”
Bob, workshop participant

“Students are still raving about the workshop and others are jealous that they didn’t get to come.”
Leonora, host

“What a terrific class! We all learned to tackle porcelain with an adventurous spirit!”
workshop participant

“Leah is a human dynamo—what a great, productive session!”
Jean W. McLaughlin, Executive Director, Penland School of Crafts

“Leah’s work is a record of the times her hands have touched and altered the form. The porcelain that she uses is delicate and microscopically fine-grained. It responds to and records each momentary contact…Leah has developed intuitive skills like those of an improvising musician. Her work appears effortless…[and] enhances life’s fleeting but valuable experiences: the warmth of the morning sun, the presence of a loved one.”
– Tom Spleth, ceramicist