Upcoming or Recent Opportunities

  • Spruill Center for the Arts, Sept 12-13, 2015, Atlanta, GA: Workshop & registration info TBA.
  • Arvada Center, June 27-28, 2015, Denver, CO: Weekend workshop bringing sculptural expressions to functional ceramics by manipulating the form of freshly thrown pots.
  • Pottery in Paradise, Jan 4-11, 2015, St. John, Virgin Islands: “Responding to Touch: Thrown and Altered Porcelain,” a week-long workshop of adventure, playfulness, and creativity. Includes slide show, firing, and hiking opportunities.

What to Expect

I teach advanced and beginning students, guiding their creative processes in unique, playful, focused learning environments. Having taught students of all ages and abilities, I balance challenge with inspiration, delighting in the individualized learning processes of each student. As a practicing artist with a significant history of contribution to my field, I also serve as a resource for students seeking broader connections and lifelong studio practice advice. I believe everyone learns best in an atmosphere of rigor, respect, and encouragement.

One of the most important concepts I impart is the relationship between creative expression and disciplined work. For students new to clay, I introduce as many techniques as feasible, so that students begin to feel confident with various methods. As students grasp basic skills, they begin to comfortably integrate the expression of concepts and emotions into their work. For advanced students, the technique of working with clay and the creative emotions are our beginning point. I have developed specific exercises and practices that encourage students to respond to their expressive voices. Developing this process is crucial for any artist who desires to continue working with clay after leaving the classroom.

Teaching is an essential part of my life and creative practice as an artist. The exchange always feels meaningful and satisfying.